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March appears to have crept up on me this year and has brought with it all the glories of a British springtime! The surprisingly warm sunshine has ushered in explosions of beautiful blossoms and a flurry of excitable birds dancing in the inevitable wind. As well as being the start of springtime, March is also less well known as Earl Grey’s birthday month. So it makes sense for March’s flavour for Hollyblue’s flavour experiment to be Earl Grey.

The Earl Grey credited with inventing Earl Grey tea,British Prime Minister in the 1830’s, was famed for being somewhat eccentric and I do have to say that I think of it as a somewhat eccentric tea to drink. Having only recently discovered the joys of tea at all, I can’t quite stomach Earl Grey, much like a lot of other Brits. Unfortunately, this puts a lot of us off cooking with Earl Grey; so many people decline to taste my delectable Earl Grey Chocolate brownies, explaining apologetically that they don’t like Earl Grey. It is for this reason that I caveat this month’s experiment – I don’t like Earl Grey tea either! But then I don’t know many people who like lemon by itself either and who doesn’t love a good lemon drizzle cake?! So please put away your preconceptions and come on a journey with me to discover the versatile flavour of Earl Grey.

This month I am going to try out a variety of Earl Grey recipes and post the results for you to see and hopefully try out yourself. I’ve already found an Earl Grey Banana Bread recipe that I have just got to try and since it was a Chocolate and Earl Grey muffin at Boston Tea Party which first inspired my Earl Grey brownies, I will be giving those a go too. I really hope you enjoy experimenting with me; if you have any suggestions you’d like me to try, please do comment and I’ll see what I can do! xx