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Last year, whilst I was deciding on the Hollyblue Bakery’s brownie flavours,I discovered a whole load of exciting flavours and combinations of flavours that I had never experimented with before. Who knew that lavender was so versitile? Or that Earl Grey is so yummy in cake? (I can’t drink the stuff myself) Or that peppermint and bourbon are such a delightful combination? It is only unfortunate that having ascertained how best to capture these flavours in my brownies, I have not gotten round to experimenting futher with my new discoveries.

Therefore, it is one of my resolutions this year to do a little more experimenting. I have decided to devote each month to a flavour and try to bake at least one new item a week with the flavour of the month, and I will be sharing my progress with you lovely people!

February is widely regarded as the month of romance, with Valentines Day just around the corner, and especially with 2012 being a leap year I have decided to dedicate February to the ultimate symbol of love… Rose!

I have also settled on Rose as Hollyblue’s special edition flavour for Valentine’s Day (which will shortly be available for order through our Etsy Shop!) so it seemed apt to take continue experimenting with the flavour. If you have any rose recipes or any ideas you’d like me to try, let me know! I hope you enjoy exploring with me! x