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I have always loved unusual baking flavours. When I discovered Earl Grey and Chocolate muffins I couldn’t wait to try what have now become my delicious Earl Grey Brownies and when I saw Lavender cupcakes, I immediately got to work on my Lavender & White Chocolate Brownies. So working with Lavender got me thinking about other floral flavours… hence the Rose extract experiment! Having done some research, I can’t seem to find any rose extract for sale anywhere, so I do wonder whether the flavour is too delicate to capture in an extract. But that’s what experiments are for isn’t it? Finding out? So here’s what I did:

Rose Extract
  • 300ml Vodka
  • 2 cups organic rose petals (I used Melbury & Appleton‘s, 50g for £1.99)

I started by soaking 1 cup of rose petals in the vodka. After shaking thoroughly, leave the jar to stand for 2 weeks. By this time, the petals will have lost their colour almost completely. After 2 weeks, drain off the liquid and discard the old petals. Replace the liquid and add 1 cup fresh rose petals. Leave for 2 more weeks.

I’m at week 2 presently, having just added fresh rose petals, and it smells gorgeous. I suspect it may need a third up of petals to achieve a usable flavour, but I’ll keep you posted. x