I opened my cupboard last night to give the extracts a quick shake and I just could not resist taking a photo to share with you! I hadn’t really been expecting much change at this stage, but all three extracts have made significant progress in the first 24 hours. The vanilla extract (centre) has taken on a warm caramel hue and the orange extract is now distinctly yellow. But most exciting has to be the lavender extract, which (although you sadly cannot tell from the picture) has turned a bright shade of blue-purple! I almost squeaked with excitement! I’m so excited to check out today’s progress!

I have concluded, though, that I probably went a little bit overboard with the lavender, and considering that the beauty of lavender is the delicacy of it’s flavour I think I need to balance it with a bit more vodka. Since the advice out there indicates that you can top the extracts up so long as you stick to the same type of alcohol (rum, vodka, whiskey etc), I will be picking up another bottle today. Perhaps I’ll start off an Earl Grey batch while I’m at it, for my Chocolate Earl Grey Brownies. x