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Due to a busy week in my personal life, Hollyblue’s go-live has had to be slightly staggered, but we are now fully live on both eBay and Etsy! I’m still ironing out a few details (does anyone know how I can stop Google from correcting my spelling of ‘Hollyblue’ to ‘Holly Blue’?!), but it’s all very exciting really. Some of my items have even been ‘favourited’ on Etsy!

I have to say that setting up a shop on Etsy has been a breeze; you get your own shop for free, you can create a profile complete with a banner, you can preview everything and it will even show you how your stuff appears on Google. I am really quite pleased with it, especially my new banner, which is also now displayed at the top of this page!

You can now access my listings directly via the links at the top of this page, so please do take a look and place your orders!