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Hello, and welcome to the Hollyblue Bakery!

Let me introduce myself. My name is Jamie and I am the founder of the newly established Hollyblue Bakery. The Bakery, currently in the fledgling stages of opening for business, is based in my Bristol home and will start trading online at the start of November. And I just cannot express to you how excited I am about it!

I have loved baking for as long as I can remember and I’ve got developed a bit of a reputation among my friends for it. I have to attribute my success to my Mum, who taught me from a young age that recipes should be viewed as a rough guide only and are never to be taken too seriously! Please do bear this in mind when using my recipes; they are intended as guide, to give you ideas and starting points to be creative with. Baking should always be personal, so please feel free to make these creations your own.

I love giving baked goods as gifts! I was reminded by a friend recently, of the gooey Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies I used to bake as birthday gifts at sixth form college. (Perhaps I will dig this recipe out and share it with you at some point…) I have even experimented in the past with sending cakes in pretty tins as Mother’s Day or Birthday gifts, although in my last attempt I got a little carried away and added copious amounts of icing which had to be scraped off the lid on arrival.

 So you can imagine my delight when my housemate received a batch of brownies in the post some weeks later! Perfect; a lovely, personal baked gift, that can be posted in a non-messy fashion! That got me thinking, and there the idea of the Hollyblue Bakery was born.

Please do watch this space for recipes, ideas, general baking-related musings, and to be part of the Hollyblue Bakery story as it unfolds.

Love, Jamie xx